The perfect combination of cuisine and unique living space

Beacon 70 – A restaurant located in the heart of Brick, New Jersey, Beacon 70 Dock and Dine offers diners a unique waterfront experience with stunning views of the Metedeconk River. Beacon 70 restaurant is situated on the site of the historic Beacon Manor Hotel, and Beacon 70 is used reclaimed wood from the hotel to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
Beacon 70 Brick NJ is proud to offer a full-service restaurant and sports bar, as well as a marina for boaters to dock and dine. Beacon 70 menu is full of delicious options for lunch, dinner, and brunch on the weekends. Whether you’re in the mood for seafood, steak, burgers, dessert menu or something else entirely, Beacon 70 is got you covered.
Looking for a fun night out? Check out Beacon 70 bands’ schedule and join us for live music on select nights. And don’t miss Beacon 70 famous Burger Night on Tuesdays, when you can enjoy delicious burgers and fries at a great price.
Be sure to check out Beacon 70 website for coupons and promotions, and don’t forget to check the calories on Beacon 70 menu if you’re watching your diet. Whether you’re a local or just passing through Beacon 70 Bricktown, New Jersey, Beacon 70 is the perfect destination for waterfront dining and entertainment. Make your reservations today and discover all that Beacon 70 has to offer.

Brunch Menu

Unexpected flavors and great dining experience

Beacon 70 offers a unique waterfront dining experience in Brick, New Jersey, with stunning views of the Metedeconk River. The restaurant serves lunch, dinner, and brunch on the weekends, with a variety of delicious options to choose from, including seafood, steak, burgers, and more.

Come during the brunch hours and enjoy the restaurant’s lunch specials, or check out the daily specials for something new. Don’t forget to take advantage of the restaurant’s drink specials during the Brick Happy Hour, available on select days of the week.

If you’re looking for something specific, check out the menu specials, featuring a rotating selection of dishes that showcase the best of the restaurant’s seasonal ingredients. And make sure to visit the restaurant’s website for coupons, deals, and gift cards.

Drink Menu

Diverse flavors and top quality

If you’re looking for great drink menu specials, Beacon 70 in Brick, New Jersey has you covered. Choose from 36 beers, 20 poured wines, cider cocktails, craft beer flights, margaritas, mojitos, and martinis. The restaurant’s restaurant and sports bar is located on the waterfront with breathtaking views of the Metedeconk River. Come enjoy the restaurant’s daily specials for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. Don’t forget to join Beacon 70 for the restaurant’s brick happy hour and menu specials throughout the week. Be sure to visit Beacon 70’s website for coupons and promotions and check the calories on the restaurant’s menu if you’re watching your diet. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, Beacon 70 is the perfect destination for waterfront dining and entertainment. Make your reservations today!

Discover The Photos

Discover the captivating world of Beacon 70, where culinary excellence meets breathtaking views. Indulge your senses as you feast your eyes upon the restaurant’s collection of tantalizing photographs, capturing the essence of this remarkable restaurant. Prepare to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other, where each dish is an exquisite work of art. From succulent seafood to perfectly seared steaks, Beacon 70’s menu is crafted with passion and creativity. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of the restaurant’s elegant dining space, surrounded by panoramic vistas that will leave you in awe. Join Beacon 70 and experience a dining adventure that will ignite your palate and create lasting memories.

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Special Menu

Perfect for every meal

Beacon 70 is situated on the grounds of the historic Beacon Manor Hotel, using reclaimed wood from the hotel to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant is proud to provide full-service dining, a sports bar, and a dock for boaters to dine. Its menu has a wide selection of delicious options for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch, including seafood, steaks, sandwiches, and more. Guests can also enjoy live music on selected nights, with the famous Burger Night every Tuesday. The restaurant has a fantastic selection of 36 beers, 20 wines by the glass, cocktails, margaritas, mojitos, and martinis, making it a great place to hang out with friends or family. The restaurant offers outdoor dining, and early bird menu specials, and hosts events for holidays like Halloween and New Year’s Eve. The restaurant also has a special Mother’s Day brunch.

Make your reservation today and discover all Beacon 70 has to offer. Whether you’re a local or just passing through Bricktown, New Jersey, Beacon 70 is the perfect destination for waterfront dining and entertainment.

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Fresh Ingredients

Beacon 70 prides itself on using only the freshest and finest ingredients for its restaurant. Beacon 70 understands the importance of quality when it comes to creating exceptional dishes for its customers. That’s why Beacon 70 sources its ingredients from local farms and trusted suppliers who share Beacon 70’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

From crisp, vibrant vegetables to succulent seafood and prime cuts of meat, Beacon 70’s kitchen is stocked with premium ingredients that are delivered daily. Beacon 70’s chefs skillfully transform these fresh ingredients into delectable culinary creations, ensuring that every dish bursts with flavor and showcases the natural essence of the ingredients.

Exceptional Dining at Home with Beacon 70’s Delivery Service

Beacon 70 brings the finest dining experience to your doorstep through its delivery service. Through its partnership with DoorDash, Beacon 70 ensures that its delicious and carefully crafted dishes are delivered to you in a timely and efficient manner.

Customer reviews

Great dining experiences!


February 14, 2024

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Avatar for Megan Blackburn
Megan Blackburn

A Refreshing Escape with Delectable Soft Shell Crab

July 31, 2023

After sitting through 2 torturous Little League baseball games at 90° weather I needed to get inside and get some AC, cold drink and get me some seafood and this place hit a dinger!

The soft shell crab special which was a $16 special w/ french fries was killa, sizable crab filled with the gooey yellow mustard guts, I was in heaven. $21 for a dozen top knock raw clams is pricey for the size which looked more like mini me’s. Six dollars special Tito’s bloody Mary’s hit the spot. My son enjoyed a Shirley Temple with a whole Lotta extra Shirley’s with are cherries, lol, baby!

Yes, the place is is a little overpriced but it’s casual dining at its best with a ton of flat screen TVs, extremely clean, fairly attentive service with a very large selection of tap beer and the menu seemed as fresh as a day in May, lol.

Avatar for John D.
John D.

A Delightful Experience at This Welcoming Place

July 31, 2023

I really like this place! I’m new to the area and we’ve been there a few times. They were so nice- they took off an entire meal for the birthday boy and comped my salad because they messed up and it took an extra 5 minutes. Places don’t do that anymore! Foods good and service is good too!

Avatar for Nicole R.
Nicole R.

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